It’s astounding how the leaders of the fifth largest economy in the world can come to power based on half truths, false premises, non sequitur opinions and the exploitation of deep-seated (though misplaced) fears of the common people. Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Dominic Cummings and Jacob Rees-Mogg are all guilty…


  • The pandemic has had grave economic consequences but we always recover from pandemics, eventually. Humanity will not recover from a runaway greenhouse effect and continual catastrophic weather events.
  • The amount of money and economic sacrifice which has gone into preventing and alleviating the effects of the Coronavirus, vastly outweighs all…

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  • Embracing insecurity absolutely is the equivalent of being at absolute peace.
  • Our drive for control and security is what has allowed humans to advance and is thus incredibly important to our future.
  • As modern-day humans, surviving physically is no longer a challenge. …

Today I offset my carbon emissions. I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time now but you know, work. My estimated carbon footprint is 15–16 tons which is a little above EU average. I need to fly, I need to use some FF sources to power my home and I need to buy a product once in a while. Of course, I will continue to bike to work, I will continue to eat less meat and I will continue to power my home using as much green energy as possible. But now through I can rest assured that my *entire* carbon footprint is offset. Mossy Earth was the only reforestation program which met my transparency standards. They literally send you a picture of every tree they plant for you. It feels great!

Hollowed out (though fire) Sequoia tree in Mariposa Grove, California

Max Beaumont

Founder of Skytree, a company committed to finding technological solutions to climate change. Physicist. Ex-ESA engineer. Current scuba-diver.

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